Activities for the public

Sundays and Public Holidays

Sundays and Public Holidays during the months of April, May, June, September and October, archaeologists and archeo-technicians offer visitors demonstrations in ancient handcraft techniques so as to help them understand through direct experience methods and procedures used by terramare craftsmen.
In the picturesque setting of the Open-air Museum, beside the reconstructed houses, the public can thus witness re-enactments of the main handcrafts practiced in a Bronze Age community: the manufacture and firing of pots, production of bronze weapons and utensils, chipping of stone, weaving on looms with weights, basketmaking with willow, working with wood and deer horn, lighting the fire.


In the workshops organised for the public by park staff during selected public holidays, young visitors can learn techniques used by terramare craftsmen, making clay pots and coloured flax bracelets.

Visits for children

Periodically, the park organises initiatives aimed at children, who can share with their parents or friends a visit to the village in the company of Aran, the Wise Old Man of the village, who recounts the heroic deeds of warriors and the life of men and women who lived 3,500 years ago.

Summer Centres

The Montale Archaeological Park gives young people attending the summer centres organised by the City Council and Province of Modena the extraordinary opportunity to journey back and enter into the world of a Bronze Age settlement.
After a brief introduction to the concept behind the archaeo-park project, plus a guided visit to the reconstructed prehistoric dwellings, our young visitors are involved in an exciting team game that sees terramare “warriors” and “farmers” competing in skills once practised right here in Montale.